• Wooden Sand Pit With Seats and Lid

    Wooden Sand Pit With Seats and Lid Buy Now at Amazon

    This wooden sandpit is completely self contained as the sand stays in the wooden frame and not on your lawn so you can simply pick up the wooden frame sandpit and carry the sandpit to a different area of lawn or position the sandpit somewhere else and your be carrying all the sand with you inside the sandpit so its very easy to use.

    The sandpit has two lovely bench seats either side of the wooden sandpit, the bench seats sit six children, three children on each bench seat and as well as providing a beautiful seat where your child can either sit on the bench seat whilst their feet are in the sand or they can sit in the sandpit completely, the bench seat folds out flat to provide a lid to the sandpit which keeps cats and dogs out of the sand as well as garden debris like leaves and grass cuttings.