• Star Rug

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    This blue/grey coloured rug has red, gold and blue stars on it with a tufted feel, you can use the rug in the hallway where children are putting on their shoes as its a lot nicer to put your shoes on a soft carpet rather than a cold and hard floor especially when your kneeling on the floor to put your shoes on, use the rug in your child's bedroom to brighten up a dull room, it's especially useful in rented accommodation where you can't change the carpets but want to make the room more appealing for your child.

    Great as a play rug where children can sit on the rug with all their toys, staying warm and safe on the rug, you can pout this floor rug in any room of the house that you want a safe space for your child to play and by keeping their toys on the rug they can avoid cluttering up each room with toys.