• Star Rug - Large

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    A large blue rug with dark blue border featuring red, blue and gold coloured stars, put the rug on the floor in the hall so children can put their shoes on whilst sitting on a warm floor rug its a lot nicer then kneeling on a cold and hard floor or put the rug on your child's bedroom to brighten up a carpet, if your renting and can't change the carpets in your children's room its a great way to add colour and make the room feel like a child's room simply by putting a children's rug on the floor.

    Get dressed on the rug ion the morning as its warm on little feet when the room or floors may be cold, play on the rug in any room of the house where you want to create a child friendly space which is marked out by the rug, put their toys on the rug and encourage them to keep the room neat and tidy by keeping all their toys on the floor rug.