• Rainbow Star Rug - Large

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    A cream coloured rug with green, blue, red, yellow and orange coloured stars, it's a large rug and perfect for a child's bedroom (the colours used on the rug make it unisex and suitable for a boys or girls bedroom), put the rug on the floor to brighten up a tired or stained floor or if your renting your property and can't change the carpets then make the room feel more child friendly with their own rug that they can play on.

    Use the rug in the hallway as a big warm rug for the kids to put their shoes on, its aves getting sore knees on the floor and it's nice for kids to sit on and put their shoes or slippers on where it will be warm on the rug in a possibly cold and draughty hall.

    Use the rug as a large baby changing rug in your home where its nice to spend time cuddling baby onĀ  a large rug after changing.