• Northcote Toy Box inc Ledged Shelf

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    Mount this large shelf on your child's bedroom wall and below the shelf you can lock into place a toy box which has a large two handle drawer, add as many shelf units and toy boxes as you like on the wall to create as much storage as you need and best of all the toy boxes can be separated easily by unlocking the box from the shelf so you can take the toy box into another room.

    Then when it's time to store the toy box away again simply click the box back into place its the very cleverest way to put a large amount of storage on your walls is these clever drawers which look tidy when on the wall as the drawers mean you can't see all the toys inside, but for kids its ideal as all they need to do is open the drawer to see what is stored inside so the toy box clears up all the clutter and still look good.