• Large Gallery Bookshelf

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    These gallery bookshelves can be screwed to a wall or used free standing on the floor or a table top, the advantage of gallery bookshelves is that you can see the book, this might sound puzzling but is vitally important to small children where they judge whether to read a book by the picture on the front cover and traditional bookshelves don't show the front cover of the book.

    Whilst in the bookcase you have to take each book out to see the front cover well not with a gallery bookcase as the front of each book is clearly visible, another advantage of gallery bookshelves is that any size of book can be accommodated from children's annuals to children's maps or books that contain electronics or pop-up books, children s books are all shapes and sizes and even thickness and not many bookcases will hold all of these different types of book like a gallery bookshelf can.