• Height Adjustable Easel - Red

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    A bright red coloured painters easel for your child to use to paint on, its made from wood and can be adjusted so that the top of the easel is level with the top of your child's head so your child will always be at exactly the right height for the easel as they grow.

    You can use the easel with paints, oil colours and watercolours as well as sketching pencils, chalks and crayons, above the easel is a paper roll which rolls out for your child to paint on, this painters easel is ideal for all ages from toddlers first paintings with cut out potato shapes to A-level art life sketching, this easel has an all wood construction and will last for many years to come.

    You can use both sides of the easel either at the same time or once you have finished on one side so you can paint on one side and whilst your waiting for the painting to dry paint on the other side.