• Height Adjustable Easel - Natural

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    A wooden painting easel for children that has two sides that can be painted on at the same time so ideal for two children to play together, there's a paper roll at the top of the painters easel, simply roll out as much paper as your child needs to paint on and save their paintings for your walls when they are dry.

    Underneath the paper roll is a blackboard that children can write and draw on with chalks so you don't have to use paints on this easel you can use chalk too which if you have a small flat or house and just nowhere for your child to make a mess might be preferable to using paints.

    The easel has two shelves for holding paint pots and the height of the easel is adjustable so you can adjust (no tools required) the top of the easel to be at the same height as the top of your child's head.