• Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft

    Genius 'SurroundSafe' Trampoline - 10ft Buy Now at Amazon

    Included with this trampoline are a trampoline ladder for climbing in and out of the trampoline and a all weather cover which will keep the trampoline looking nice year after year, you can leave the cover on the trampoline and leave the trampoline outside all year round even over the winter months, also included with the trampoline is a shoe tidy where everyone can store their shoes whilst they are jumping on the trampoline.

    The trampoline is black in colour and a round shape, its ten foot in diameter (longer than a fully grown adult lying down in the middle of the trampoline, which is six foot) so plenty of room for the whole family to bounce and play together, this is a very safe trampoline as you bounce inside a strong wall netting which prevents you from falling onto any of the metal parts of the trampoline.