• Dotty Dolls House Toddler Bed

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    This girls toddler bed is shaped like a dolls house,  it has a pink roof on the headboard and foot board and a window cut out in the headboard and foot board with a pastel blue frame, the bed frame is white in colour and made of wood and because toddlers might have just progressed from their cot this toddler bed has high sides and is low to the ground reassuring toddlers that they won't roll out of bed by accident and being close to the ground is a comfort as a standard single bed is just too high.

    Also available is an under bed storage drawer which if your child's room is small ensures they have two large storage drawers in their room which won't take up any extra space as they are under the bed and pull out easily, choose the type of mattress you want for the toddler bed from spring, coil or comfort mattress.