• Daisy Chain Rug

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    A beautiful rug that would suit both a girls or a boys room, the rug is blue/green in colour with tufted border and pale blue centre with white daisy flowers with pink, purple and blue flower heads. Use the rug to make a warm floor for your child's little feet when they get out of their warm bed in the morning onto a cold floor or put the rug on the floor to make a nice play rug where children can stay warm and safe playing on the large rug with their toys.

    Use the rug ion the hall where children can kneel on the rug to put their shoes on,. its a lot nicer to put your shoes on a soft rug than it is the cold and hard floor or use the rug in any room of the house where you want to create a child friendly area for your child to play with their toys without causing a disturbance to the rest of the room.