• Burrowbridge Tallboy

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    This tallboy chest of drawers has three drawers in a narrow form and fits into most small areas as its taller than it is wide, the three drawers are made of weaved willow baskets and have a cotton liner with a bow tying the liner in place, the liners are machine washable, the tallboy comes in dark brown natural wood, white and cream and the woven baskets come in a straw colour, dark brown or white.

    Use the tallboy ion the hall for storing shoes or on the landing for storing laundry where you have three laundry baskets available for storing white and colours and when your ready to do the washing its easy to take the basket drawer out and carry it downstairs.

    Use the tallboy in the children's bedroom  for storing toys, games and shoes as its ideal for a small room because the tallboy is much taller than it is wide.